Why is it important to Wear White LDS Temple Dresses?

In Mormonism, the white LDS temple dress is an important piece of clothing. It has historically and traditionally been representative of chastity and is a necessity for anyone entering “the Lord’s” house. This is why you will see that it is common for the LDS temple dress to cover the arms of the bride and any other skin on the body. The dress also has to be white- no other version of white, just pure white. White signifies chastity and purity and this is one of the reasons because of which it is important to wear a white LDS temple dress.

However, this does not mean that you cannot wear a dress that isn’t stylish. Even making subtle changes to the dress could affect the outlook in a good way, without making the dress too revealing or obscene. This way you could look great while respecting your religious beliefs at the same time.

If you aren’t sure of how you could play with your dress, you could always get tips from a shopkeeper. If your wedding’s taking place in Utah, you’re in luck. Being home to the Mormons, you are bound to come across a number of shops and stores which can give you tips on how to stylize your dress without going overboard and disrespecting your religion and faith. Shopping for such dresses requires skill. If you know a bride or friend who got married in white, while looking unique at the same time, you could always talk to them and ask them for their advice as well. Keeping your dress modest and following your religion while looking good shouldn’t be too problematic if you know how to go about it and this is why you would need advice. Who better to help you than a fellow Mormon bride or woman?

When it comes to LDS temple dresses, the idea is to be modest and respect your faith and beliefs and it is within these boundaries that you must get the temple dress that you want. The basic criteria is to keep yourself covered, wear white, a high neckline and it must cover you from the neck till the lower part of your calves and, of course, your dress must be white.

Now, you may think there isn’t much you can do to your LDS temple dress, with these prerequisites but you can do a lot while playing by the rules. You could use different fabrics to make your dress. A satin dress that gathers at the waist and flows down would be a good idea. Apart from this you could do something to the sleeve. Perhaps you could add some lace to the sleeves or some frills too. Or you may get sleeves that are slightly loose around your arms.

Experiment with the sleeves or you could do something with the bottom part of the dress- below the waist, that is. Go to any Mormon dressing store and find out your options!