What Material is Used to Make an LDS Temple Dress?

An LDS temple’s dress’ main purpose is that it is to be worn when entering a Church- or what the Mormon’s refer to as “the Lord’s house”. The LDS Temple Dress was initially made out of completely natural fabric and it still is. Traditionally these dresses are made to cover a woman’s body and hair. However, with so many choices available in the market today, there’s greater variety and a lot many fabrics to choose from where such dresses are concerned. Respecting your religion doesn’t mean you can’t choose to wear temple dresses made of different fabrics after all!

One of the many fabrics that one can choose from is lace. Lace is an excellent fiber for LDS Temple Dresses and this fabric gives the dress a nice flow-y look while at the same time serving the main purpose of wearing such a dress- to enter the Lord’s house.

You can also opt for LDS Temple Dresses made out of Polyester fabric. These are 100% pure polyester and may be washed easily after use as well.

Then, you’ve got satin which gives the dress a little fluff. It is way more comfortable than polyester but would cost you more. Tulle is another fabric that is used to make LDS Temple Dresses and quite a few Mormon brides order dresses made of tulle.

The thing about Temple Dresses is that they are supposed to be famous. So, though you won’t find many designers (or any at all) who make such dresses but you can find a number of stores that specialize in making such dresses in Salt Lake, Utah, seeing as how it is home to a large number of Mormons today. Stores in other cities don’t really make such dresses because of the simple fact that they aren’t in demand since Mormons are the only Christians who go to the LDS Church and wear LDS Temple Dresses and this is also why designers do not make such dresses. If you want LDS dresses you need to have your store make them for you in advance or you could buy them but the only place where these are readily available is Salt Lake.

Different material can be used to make the LDS Temple Dress so long as it serves its purpose of covering the body and the hair. You can choose to get these made out of any of the materials made above though if you are interested in something else, you could always ask someone, it is unlikely that the dress would be made of silk because it won’t be as stiff as it’s supposed to be and cover the body well.

Regardless of the fabric used, the body should be covered well. This is why you will find that most dresses of the sort are made of lace and polyester. Hence different materials can be used to make LDS Temple Dresses though what you go for is a matter of preference.