Modest Wedding Dresses are Perfect for LDS Members

On your wedding day, you want to look like the perfect bride, have the perfect makeup and stand out. Sure, you need to abide by your religious values but that does not mean that you cannot look good in a dress! Any bride would want to look good in their wedding dress and even if you are a woman who goes to the LDS church and are avid LDS church members, you can still look great without giving up your religious values. For members of the LDS church this means to invest in modest wedding dresses that can make you look great and elegant while respecting your religion at the same time. Just because you’re going for something modest that does not mean you have to wear something boring!

It’s your wedding day after all and you want to stand out from the rest. Not every day is a wedding day. Why not make your wedding day special by getting the perfect clothes, center pieces, setting and amazing, yet modest wedding dresses? There is so much variety even where modest wedding dresses are concerned- you could get something made in Satin that gathers at the waist and flows down till the feet or you could get a dress made of lace. However a dress made of anything other than satin gives your dress a starchy look and you want to stand out, not wear something that you could wear any other day of the week to the church.

You would also want something personalized. Every woman has a different waist, frame and structure. Some are broad and big-boned while others are more slender and have hour-glass shaped bodies. Your wedding dress can be made in a way where they define the length and curves of your body without revealing too much of anything seeing as how that is the purpose of an LSD wedding dress, mainly. What bride doesn’t want something suits her body type well? There is so much you could do to your dress without going over the top and without spending large amounts of money on your wedding dress.

Some women like going for a traditional cut and dress and this means to wear the typical LDS temple dress which just about any woman would wear and if you go to the LDS church you will come across many women wearing such dresses since those belonging to the LDS church believe in simplicity. Though, just because you belong to the LDS church that does not mean that you cannot add a little flair to your dress to personalize it. You don’t have to get it made in a way where everything is too revealing though you could add some patterns, cuts, bead and sequins to make your dress more unique and have a stylish yet modest wedding dress. Perhaps you can get the sleeves cut off or you could get a dress made out of something that flows down from the waist.

LDS Temple Wedding Dresses to Remember

Usually people tend to think that LDS temple dresses are redundant and boring dresses that are only to be worn to Church. While the Mormons do wear these when going to the Church, that is not the only purpose for such dresses- you could also modify or alter them so that you can wear them out of Church. Or better yet, you could get an LDS temple wedding dress made too! The best part about LDS dresses is that you can do so much with them while ensuring that they serve their purpose and you don’t have to worry about going against your religion.

Take the ‘Rosie’, for example. This dress is elegant and chic while at the same time, it would cover your entire body on the day of your wedding. It was made out of Satin and it is perfect for women with a larger build who more towards the plump side are seeing as how it is available in sizes 6 and 8. It even has a pleat around the waist and you could wear it to a wedding and to Church on any other day. The dress is comfortable and stylish, both.

The Deborah is another dress to remember. This beautiful dress is for those of you who are chubby and need time to lose the weight. The dress is available for size 14 women and it is made of Satin, too. The thing about Satin is that it gives the dress an elegant look while other fabrics are stiff and give the dress a starchy look. There are 3 bows on the dress- one around the best while the other 2 are found towards the lower end of the dress. Like the Rosie, this could be used as a wedding dress as well.

Then, you’ve got the Lisa. Unlike the Deborah and Rosie, this one is made of soft knit. Since it is made of soft knit material, this gives the dress a flow-y look. It gathers at the waist and flows from down there. Like the previous dresses, these are available in white only though a large variety of women can get the dress since you can find these in size zero and all the way up till size 26! Being a dress made of soft knit, the dress is very comfortable to wear. You can even wear it to church on other days.

The best part about these dresses is that they serve two purposes- firstly, they do a good job where covering the body is concerned and secondly they can be worn to various events and to church on an ordinary day. They are comfortable, look great and can be worn with a coat, if you want to make your dress look stylish.

These are just some of the many great LDS Temple Wedding Dresses to remember. There are so many other out there and you can get these for yourself at reasonable prices as well!